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Business Type :Manufacturer, Trading Company, Buying Office
Main Products :ultra-hydrophilic siphon film for blood test strip,Un-viscid thermal-press film,Polymer material for electronic printing,Base Material for Ink Jet Printing,Base Material for Laser Printing
Main Markets :North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa

Company Introduction

Our company is specialized in supplying materials for use in digital ink jet printing, laser printing, and electronic printing; surface treatment of printing carrier, and adhesion; exterior coating of macromolecule material development, and application; surface treatment material related with in door high fidelity print image, advertisement, medical use, such as super hydrophilic siphon film used by Blood Glucose Meter, un-viscid hot pressed film, ultra thin light shifting film, high fidelity full penetration printing film, and high property adhesive agent, such as PET fully penetration UV glue, exclusive use glue for surface treatment agent printing image, and exclusive use super absorption resin, etc.

Product Classification

1.base Material for Ink Jet Printing
(1)PVC full penetration base material, PVC matt finish printing base material, PVC white printing

base material
(2)PET full penetration printing base material, PET printing un-gummed directly adhesive base

material, PET white printing base material, PET matt finish printing base material
(3)PET group transfer printing base material, PET group high property un-gummed transfer printing

base material
(4)High fidelity printing rice paper package
(5)High fidelity printing art paper

2.base Material for Laser Printing
(1)Full penetration laser printing base material
(2)White laser printing base material

3.Printing Product
Polymer material for electronic printing, such as PVD, PET, etc.

4.Product for Medical Use
(1)Ultra hydrophilic siphon film
(2)Un-viscid thermal-press film
(3)Ultra thin transfer glue film
(4)High fidelity full penetration PET printing film

Product Description
(1)Exclusive use polymer material for electronic printing: Such as surface coating treatment to improve effectiveness and capacity of adhesion on PET, and PVC.

(2)There are two types of Un-gummed printing material. One is printing transfer, with characters of wear-resistance, waterproof; another is directly adhesion with base material after printing, with characters of printing, meanwhile adhesion with other materials, easy and flexible to use.

Products for Medical Use:
a.Super hydrophilic siphon film, a test film exclusive used by blood glucose meter, may be widely

used in development and application of surface carrier in blood and urine.

b.Un-viscid hot pressed thin film, the film shall have no adhesive action under normal

temperature, except under a certain given temperature, the product is used for adhesion of hand held testing tape.

c.Ultra thin transfer film, the film shall be used for post processing of carrier, the film is colorless and transparency, with stable structure, suitable for second time adhesion of testing material.

Daniel Yang
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